Antibiotic neutralizers in sterility testing

Austin Reade rbs at hfx.andara.com
Wed May 31 10:13:44 EST 2000

A client has asked for my advice on sterility testing a pharmaceutical
product.  As this is out of my field I wonder if anyone on this newsgroup
has any suggestions.

The product contains neomycin sulphate and chloramphenicol.  They find this
inhibits growth of their positive control cultures when even the smallest
(reasonable) quantity of product is added to thioglycollate broth.  They
want to know if there are any specific neutralizers for these antibiotics.
I suggested the possibility of using membrane filtration but they are
reluctant to use mf because of the additional labour involved.  I also
recall some previous postings here on the problems of binding of some
antibiotics to certain filter types.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.

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