Cycloheximde/what to do now?

Damian Bond damian.bond at virgin.net
Fri May 26 12:23:56 EST 2000

We have been unable to source cycloheximide and have replaced it in our
Listeria, Legionella and Campylobacter supplements with Natamycin. It
actually performs better!

Trials have been completed and we await delivery of launch stocks. E-mail me
with you contact details and country and I will get our relevant distributor
to contact you.

Damian Bond
Managing Director

R.Randolph <microbiology at usa.net> wrote in message
news:rirkiss1l5s7id74gjgsto8lp91qbb5c5v at 4ax.com...
> Randolph Biomedical has a possible substitute called Saproxin.  For
> some uses Saproxin can be substituted......not all.  There is a
> description at OUR webpage : http://users.ids.net/~rand777/home.htm
> This post is not a solicitation. If you do not want to see products
> ,do not go to the webpage.  R.Randolph
> =======================
> On 24 Mar 2000 20:23:03 GMT, McMoodus at tamu.edu (Sheepskin Hollow)
> wrote:
> >We have used cycloheximde extensively in a differential/selective agar
> >for Campylobacter- Campy-Cephex Agar.
> >
> >We now are finding that the price of the stuff has skyrocketed and I have
> >told it is no longer manufactured.
> >
> >Anyone out there know more about this problem or have ideas on what
> >we might use for a subsititute.
> >
> >Any suggestions for a substitute medium?

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