growth of camphylobacter sp.

Yjgent yjgent at aol.com
Sun May 21 10:05:38 EST 2000

>Hi all
>Does anyone know if camphylobacter sp. can grow aerobic. If so which media
>should I use. Hoe would the strains look like on specific media ?

Campy can grow on ordinary blood agar, but if you are trying to isolate it from
stool you should use a selective agar like Campylobacter CVA that will inhibit
most of the other stool organisms.  The organisms need a moist environment. We
use a Zip-lock bag with a dampened gauze and fill the bag with "Campy gas" for
the proper environment. Choose your incubator temp acording to what species you
are trying to isolate - I would think that 35C would get most of them.
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