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Microbiology List: FW: Microbiological Test Kits

Poole, Sue PooleS at prose.dpi.qld.gov.au
Wed Jun 21 20:06:16 EST 2000

Dear List participants.... I apologise for sending this to the list in
general - but in trying to reply direct to the address that Alison has at
the top of her message - it was promptly returned as invalid - Hence the
reply below being sent over the List.

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> Subject:	Microbiology List: FW: Microbiological Test Kits
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> Subject:	Microbiological Test Kits
> I'm trying to create a list of commercially available microbiological test
> kits (using RNA or DNA molecular methods preferably, but I'll cross that
> bridge when I come to it!). Does anybody know of a directory or website
> that
> could help?
> Thanks
> Alison
Dear Alison

Have you checked out a recent book published:

Rapid Food Analysis and Hygiene Monitoring  
(kits, instruments and systems)
Pierre-Jean Raugel
1999  pp 921 (including index)
Springer - Verlag Berlin Heidelberg New York
ISBN 3-540-63253-0
Written for: Food chemists, analytical chemists, analytical laboratory
managers in food chemistry, microbiologists, hygienists 
Book category: Reference Book                 Publication language: English 
Contents: Validation of Methods, Kits and Instruments by AOAC, AFNOR and
MICROVAL.- Description of Products Manufactured by 42 Groups and/or
Companies.- Quoted Experts and Important Journals Used in this Survey.- 248
Commercial Subsidiaries, Distributors, Sales Agents and Points of Sales in
30 European Countries.- Indexes: Official Approvals, Reviews and
Validations.- Methods, Materials, Techniques and Instruments.- Analytes,
Parameters, Other Targets of the Analysis and Competitors, Competitors and
Interferences.- Products and Environments Analyzed, Matrixes. 
Someone else has probably already mentioned this one to you  - but am
sending just in case...
Also - I would be EXTREMELY interested if you have received responses giving
other likely lists or links to websites.  I am not just being cheeky here -
the reason for my interest is that I am currently running a large research
project looking at the application of various commercially available
microbiological and chemical rapid kits to the Australian Seafood Industry
and the use within the industry at the factory floor level.
The prompt for this is the current push for self regulation within our
seafood industry and the need/wish for a certain level of self-monitoring
with respect to food safety and quality management plans.  As you can
probably imagine, one of the biggest 'gripes' I get from industry is: "well
these HACCP plans are all very good and well Sue, but its going to cost us a
fortune to get the systems monitored..."  and I confess that I can see their
concerns - hence the sussing out of kits which they may be able to use
themselves to monitor basic sanitation and hygiene practices etc.
Would you be willing to share some of the relevant replies you have received
- I truely would be very grateful.
I would also be most interested in your area of interest and work.
Best Regards
Sue Poole
Senior Seafood Microbiologist
Voice:  +61 7 3406 8689
Fax:     +61 7 3406 8698
mailto:pooles at dpi.qld.gov.au
QDPI - Centre for Food Technology
19 Hercules Street



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