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Know Your Enemy

chas9022 at my-deja.com chas9022 at my-deja.com
Mon Jan 31 14:59:08 EST 2000

I don't know about Know Your Enemy, but I do know how to get rid of
tennis elbow. Go here to find out how.!!

In article <38889869.E954FB1E at amorous.com>,
  My, E-Mail, is, always, real. wrote:
> This is a rather perceptive post. The Bush family has become what many
> feared the Kennedy's would become. They and the Republican party are
> political wing which is most effective in pushing ahead the agenda of
> Street and Hollywood. Sure, they make a little noise once in awhile
> Hollywood sex and "violence". The real violence of miscegenation they
> silent about. The White Race is being systematically murdered by this
> process. How much longer can we sit still while the minds of our
> are raped by these billionaire propagandists preaching for our
> Will Rodgers wrote:
> > I like to read political commentary from all sides of the political
> > spectrum, and today I found a prime example of why that is so in my
> > E-Mail box. Usually, I delete most of these E-Mails after the first
> > paragraph because they are going nowhere, but this one had a real
gem in
> >
> > it. We are constantly bombarded with the notion that Conservatives
> > represent White people. This is of course never conveyed outright,
> > is implied. I believe that every change in America that has
occurred in
> > the destructive sense has happened BECAUSE of CONservatives.The most
> > often quoted Conservative is Ronald Reagan.  You can't listen or
> > any Conservative commentary from any source without hearing Ronald
> > Reagan praised to the heavens. So here I share with you my little
> >
> > Remember, it was Reagan, who, as Governor of California, signed
into law
> >
> > the affirmative action programs banned by Prop 209, and who said in
> > 1974: "Time and experience have shown that laws and edicts of
> > non-discrimination are not enough. Justice demands that each and
> > citizen consciously adopt and accentuate a commitment to affirmative
> > action, which will make equal opportunity a reality."
> >
> > It was under the Ronald Reagan Administration in Washington D.C.
> > years later that the even more virulent form of Affirmative Action
> >
> > as "Race Norming" came into being. It was actually pushed by his
> > Administration, though very, very quietly, while the media
continued to
> > describe him and especially those around him as "right-wing",
> > "reactionary" and perhaps "bigoted". Reminds me a lot of the way Pat
> > Buchanan is described. The ADL quotes Buchanan as saying that "David
> > Duke is stealing from me". Funny, I don't remember that. I do
> > Pat gloating on Crossfire after the 1992 election cycle was over
> > how he "Stopped Duke in Louisiana". True, he did. In the last eight
> > years Pat had called for a "freeze" on immigration. Now that he has
> > pedigree, he suddenly-though quietly-has changed this policy to
> > "reducing" immigration to 250,000 a year "legally". No more Chinese
> >
> > across the border either. No policy to undo the illegal citizenship
> > given out to millions by Clinton. No more talk of "Zulu's". Same
> >
> > that CONservatism has followed post WWII. The ADL has close contacts
> > with the highest power brokers in the Republican Party, as well as
> > "World Anti-Communist League".
> >
> > The front runner in the Republican Party is George W. Bush. The line
> > being pushed by the Republican Party's highest profile spokesman is
> >
> > George W. is not his Father. Funny, I don't see any policies
enacted or
> > advocated by him as Governor that would differentiate him from Dad.
> > fact, he seems if anything worse than Dad. Then you have to look at
> > brother, Jeb, the Governor of Florida. He is married to a very brown
> > mexican. He is the Father of the infamous "Little Brown Ones".
George W.
> >
> > has criticized California's passage of Prop 187 to curtail the non-
> >
> > invasion. As Governor of Texas he has advocated INCREASING
> > and closer ties with Mexico. Just what is it that he intends to
> > conserve? Not our soil, and if brother Jeb is any indication, not
> > blood either.
> >
> > Then there is the "Ruby Ridge Question". The Republican Party's most
> > high profile spokesman would have you believe that Ruby Ridge was
> > conducted by Janet Reno (I've heard him say so twice in the past
> > and he may have said so many more times than that). In August of
> > Janet Reno was an unknown alcoholic lesbian in Florida. Bill
Clinton was
> >
> > still Governor of Arkansas running against George Bush Senior. Yes,
> >
> > Ridge was presided over by a Republican Administration.
> >
> > I don't doubt that most of you have the will to handle
the "Gorillas in
> > the Mist". The question that hangs in the air, and which will decide
> > whether we live or die is: Can you take out the Race Traitors in our
> > midst?

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