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Admin Message

Martin Latterich martin at lipid.salk.edu
Sat Jan 29 12:09:07 EST 2000

Dear Listers,

I am pleased to tell you that the moderated Microbiology List, a spam-free
mirror of the BIONET.MICROBIOLOGY newsgroup, was and still is a great
success. For the past year, about 1500 messages were sent to
BIONET.MICROBIOLOGY. Several hundred messages were unrelated, and all were
successfully filtered out. As of today, we have 35 subscribers already, and
I hope that we can improve on the numbers here.


Martin Latterich, Ph.D.


We have established a moderated mailing list that will mirror all
appropriate postings from the BIONET.MICROBIOLOGY newsgroup. I suggest that
everybody who is disturbed by SPAM or irrelevant messages should subscribe
to this list instead of the BIONET mailing list. The moderators and I will
forward all relevant messages at least twice a day. If you want to reply to
the messages you receive,your reply will also appear on the

To subscribe to this mailing list, please send an e-mail from your regular
e-mail account to

subscribe at lipid.salk.edu


subscribe micro-list

in the body of the e-mail message. It is important you mail this message
from the account you wish to receive the mailing-list messages from. If you
wish to cancel your subscription, please send an e-mail from the same e-mail
account to

subscribe at lipid.salk.edu


unsubscribe micro-list

You can also subscribe in digest mode. You have to FIRST subscribe to the
list (see above), and THEN send the command

SET micro-list DIGEST

in the body of your message to the list-processor at

subscribe at lipid.salk.edu

Please note that while we will make any effort to filter out inappropriate
messages, we cannot guarantee that this list will always be spam free. We
also take no responsibility for any newsgroup postings to be lost in the
moderation process, although we will do everything possible to avoid this.

If you rather want to receive all messages, we encourage you to remain
subscribed to the bionet.microbiology newsgroup or obtain your news with a
news-reader client.


More information about the Microbio mailing list

Send comments to us at biosci-help [At] net.bio.net