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Sat Jan 22 20:12:38 EST 2000

Dear friend,

My name is Conrado Salas Cano, I graduated in Physics with honors from
Cal Tech in the class of 98, and this brief note is just to cordially
and warmly invite you to take a look at my new website:


I obtained your address in a public directory, so I imagined that you
could be interested. Please feel free to link to any section of this
site you may consider appropriate. I have put so much work and so much
love into it so others can hopefully benefit from it!

I think, indeed, that it is about time we exposed the matrix of
Millennial absurdity and New Age pseudoscience that seems to have so
easily preyed on the cynically exploited masses these days. While he
would evidently disagree with me on many issues, and probably be too
cautious to pronounce himself on others, the great old visionary of the
Space Age Arthur Clarke has nevertheless encouraged me in my efforts to
restore and expand these great wonders of science that our sorely missed
Carl Sagan so memorably taught us to love. I think that people in
schools and universities have a right to stick to what they know is
right as the old demagogic drums of the demon haunted world begin to
beat back, and to access and divulge all views, conjectures and
information openly and respectfully. My website strives to do just that,
and your feedback about how to improve it will be most welcome. Some
students of Stephen Hawking at Cambridge University already expressed
theirs, and they appeared to enthusiastically endorse one of the
physicists we work with as even more brilliant than their famed
celebrated mentor! You can read it all in the website.

Hoping that this e-mail may have been of interest, and that, in the eve
of 2001, I may not be arrested Tomorrow and taken to a concentration
camp for refusing to believe in all this ecumenistic New Age mumbo
jumbo, so I may be able to stand by at the address below for anything I
could be of assistance,

Very sincerely,

 916 Linn Ave
 Oregon City, OR 97045
 Phone/Fax 1-503-6568894

P.S.: I hope this e-mail may not have bothered you. If it has, I would
like to send you my most sincere apologies, and my reassurance that I
will not seek to importune your e-mail address again, which was not
automatically sampled as part of any arbitrary or commercial mailing
list. If you wish, you can complain by mail or by fax to my address
above, but please respect the privacy of my internet providers and only
check my website if you would be genuinely and curiously interested in
it. If you cannot access it, you can think that most likely some-one is
trying to block you access. Thank you again for your attention.


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