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Know Your Enemy

Morris Dees morrisdees at amorous.com
Fri Jan 21 12:33:30 EST 2000

This is a rather perceptive post. The Bush family has become what many
feared the Kennedy's would become. They and the Republican party are the
political wing which is most effective in pushing ahead the agenda of Wall
Street and Hollywood. Sure, they make a little noise once in awhile about
Hollywood sex and "violence". The real violence of miscegenation they are
silent about. The White Race is being systematically murdered by this
process. How much longer can we sit still while the minds of our children
are raped by these billionaire propagandists preaching for our annihilation?

Will Rodgers wrote:

> I like to read political commentary from all sides of the political
> spectrum, and today I found a prime example of why that is so in my
> E-Mail box. Usually, I delete most of these E-Mails after the first
> paragraph because they are going nowhere, but this one had a real gem in
> it. We are constantly bombarded with the notion that Conservatives
> represent White people. This is of course never conveyed outright, but
> is implied. I believe that every change in America that has occurred in
> the destructive sense has happened BECAUSE of CONservatives.The most
> often quoted Conservative is Ronald Reagan.  You can't listen or read
> any Conservative commentary from any source without hearing Ronald
> Reagan praised to the heavens. So here I share with you my little gem:
> Remember, it was Reagan, who, as Governor of California, signed into law
> the affirmative action programs banned by Prop 209, and who said in
> 1974: "Time and experience have shown that laws and edicts of
> non-discrimination are not enough. Justice demands that each and every
> citizen consciously adopt and accentuate a commitment to affirmative
> action, which will make equal opportunity a reality."
> It was under the Ronald Reagan Administration in Washington D.C. many
> years later that the even more virulent form of Affirmative Action known
> as "Race Norming" came into being. It was actually pushed by his
> Administration, though very, very quietly, while the media continued to
> describe him and especially those around him as "right-wing",
> "reactionary" and perhaps "bigoted". Reminds me a lot of the way Pat
> Buchanan is described. The ADL quotes Buchanan as saying that "David
> Duke is stealing from me". Funny, I don't remember that. I do remember
> Pat gloating on Crossfire after the 1992 election cycle was over about
> how he "Stopped Duke in Louisiana". True, he did. In the last eight
> years Pat had called for a "freeze" on immigration. Now that he has his
> pedigree, he suddenly-though quietly-has changed this policy to
> "reducing" immigration to 250,000 a year "legally". No more Chinese wall
> across the border either. No policy to undo the illegal citizenship
> given out to millions by Clinton. No more talk of "Zulu's". Same pattern
> that CONservatism has followed post WWII. The ADL has close contacts
> with the highest power brokers in the Republican Party, as well as the
> "World Anti-Communist League".
> The front runner in the Republican Party is George W. Bush. The line
> being pushed by the Republican Party's highest profile spokesman is that
> George W. is not his Father. Funny, I don't see any policies enacted or
> advocated by him as Governor that would differentiate him from Dad. In
> fact, he seems if anything worse than Dad. Then you have to look at his
> brother, Jeb, the Governor of Florida. He is married to a very brown
> mexican. He is the Father of the infamous "Little Brown Ones". George W.
> has criticized California's passage of Prop 187 to curtail the non-White
> invasion. As Governor of Texas he has advocated INCREASING immigration
> and closer ties with Mexico. Just what is it that he intends to
> conserve? Not our soil, and if brother Jeb is any indication, not our
> blood either.
> Then there is the "Ruby Ridge Question". The Republican Party's most
> high profile spokesman would have you believe that Ruby Ridge was
> conducted by Janet Reno (I've heard him say so twice in the past year
> and he may have said so many more times than that). In August of 1992,
> Janet Reno was an unknown alcoholic lesbian in Florida. Bill Clinton was
> still Governor of Arkansas running against George Bush Senior. Yes, Ruby
> Ridge was presided over by a Republican Administration.
> I don't doubt that most of you have the will to handle the "Gorillas in
> the Mist". The question that hangs in the air, and which will decide
> whether we live or die is: Can you take out the Race Traitors in our
> midst?

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