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Lost Voices from the Hepatitis Trials

Thomas Keske TKeske at mediaone.net
Sun Jan 16 02:16:42 EST 2000

> Complete Hogwash.

A very reasoned and insightful critique.  Penetrating.
Flawlessly logical.

How can you be so sure whether vaccines might be
contaminated accidentally, or by the act of a madman,
or by sabotage of a foreign enemy?    Have we never
had an Aldrich Ames?    Has our government never done
crazy things like use thousands of Americans in radiation
experiments?    Did our government not display its total
irresponsibility when its initial response to AIDS was
to try to slash the CDC budget and never mention the word
at all for years?    They didn't care that it HAD started.
Why would they have cared earlier that it MIGHT start.

What would it have taken?   Identification in a government
lab of a chimp virus that appeared capable of infecting humans?
It would not necessarily have required any amazing scientific

Why should they not start an epidemic?  The jackass swine
in this damnable country, scientists and all, would never so much
as question the possibility.

If I could will the reality, there would be vigilante groups
to investigate the possibilities by abducting the most
suspicious scientists and doing some experiments on their
testicles, to see how many electric volts it would take to
get a story out them that sounded like the truth.

Were you doing any classified research for the Pentagon
that you didn't tell us about?    Why were you working
on immune-suppressive retroviruses in the 1970s?  Why
did you pronounce the vaccines to be safe, when the men
in the trials were coming down with disease?

Sooner or later, blood will be shed in America over
AIDS and where it might have come from.   Just
a prediction- stay tuned.

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