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Bacillus species in food

spotsnall katzday at tamu.edu
Mon Jan 10 17:38:41 EST 2000

In article <85ddg3$dnn$1 at the-fly.zip.com.au>, ianj at zipworld.com.au says...
>. I covered a
>>certain amount of food bacteriology in my thesis which you can download
>from :
>>http://www.griff-it.demon.co.uk. All I ask is that you send a mail stating
>>have downloaded it for academic purposes only.
>John,  when I followed this link I found your page but could not proceed any
>furhter (nothing to click on). Can you check this for me?
>To restate my needs:
>I know a certain amount about the role of Bacillus about spoilage of food-
>particularly bakery products. I know what is in the basic texts. John, you
>are correct about reading all of the details in Bergey's Manual of
>Systematic Bacteriology- I haven't looked there for a while so I will look
>again. Most of what I know, I have learned from experience. Therefore, I
>know that somethings, such as enzyme activity, is important to spoilage, but
>I don't know whether there are reviews or chapters in some (obscure) book
>that deal with the subject in greater detail.
>I am trying to write a review of Bacillus spoilage in foods- without being
>exhaustive and academic about it. I need more than what is generally found
>in standard texts- I'm not sure that what I am looking for exists and I
>don't have easy access to bibliographic search tools.
>Any help, such as John's would be appreciated!
Do you have access to a University Library, one that has Food Technology

Or does you library (surely) have Chem abstracts?

Food spoilage can mean lots of different things, but usually chemical changes
due to exposure to oxygen and degredation of food constituents by an array
of enzymes.  

You might consider reposting your questions to the newsgroup


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