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Bacillus species in food

Jon Griffiths griffithsj at uunet.be
Mon Jan 10 11:55:13 EST 2000

ianj wrote:

> I consulted all of these resources before making this post. I also searched
> databases such as PubMed. Obtaining information on food spoilage organisms
> is not simple. I am familiar, for instances with the changes in the taxonomy
> of the genus Bacillus- the creation of genera such as Alicylcobacillus,
> Aneurinibacillus, Paenibacillus. I also know that no food microbiology
> textbook I have read explains the role of proteases, lipases or amylases in
> the spoilage caused by Bacillus species. I have worked with rope formation
> caused by Bacillus subtilis and know the pitfalls of the rope spore test and
> the lack of predictive ability. I have publications on bakers yeast, food
> poisoning due to B. cereus and the detection of bacillus sp. in foods. I
> think, therefore, I have done my homework.
> I was hoping that someone in this newsgroup might have some specialist
> knowledge, opinions or could give some leads to investigatebthese areas
> further

Spotsnall's response was a little harsh, but not everyone has even as much work
as you, Ian. Anyway, if you need to know how proteases/lipases, etc work then
you should get a good but general biochemistry text (I used to use Stryer, but
I do not which is currently trendy in the undergrad world). I know Bergeys is a
boring bed time read (to say the least), but you would be surprised how much
information you can glean from a compare & contrast session. I covered a
certain amount of food bacteriology in my thesis which you can download from :
http://www.griff-it.demon.co.uk. All I ask is that you send a mail stating you
have downloaded it for academic purposes only.

If you are asking for a specific research project, then please say so. A very
generic question such as yours is more likely to provoke people like Spotsnall,
as opposed to generating a wide and varied response (such as spam in a general
chat newsgroup).

Have fun

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