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Anti-biotics and virus infections

David Johnston johnstd at labcorp.com
Sun Jan 9 17:02:18 EST 2000

A bit much arrogance for answering a simple question.

Further, the hows and whys of antibiotics in feed is in no way

D Johnston, Ph.D.
dmj7 at bellsouth.net

On 7 Jan 2000 15:43:17 GMT, katzday at tamu.edu (spotsnall) wrote:

>Nice try but no award.  Sometimes folks with severe flu are treated with
>antimicrobials because doing so will protect against bacterial pneumonia; also
>there may be concomitant bacterial infections in sites such as the middle ear
>or throat.  So the antibiotics are not used to treat the flu but rather to 
>treat secondary bacterial infections or to prevent secondary 
>bacterial infections.
>WHile it is true that antimicrobials are used in animal feed, this practice
>has nothing to do with allowing the body's immune system to work.
>In some animals, particularly ruminants, (chickens too)  antimicrobials act as 
>promotors" and the exact mechanism is complex because the microbiology of
>the rumen and of the cecum/colon are complex.  
>Another reason antimicrobials are used in animal feed is to protect newborn
>and young animals from certain specific infectious agents: eg. coccidia
>(a protozoan) so cocidiostats are added to chicken feed.
>Some fowl e.g. turkeys tend to be susceptible to salmonellosis; and so on.
>A complete explanation of the practices and issues you raised would take
>several text books.  
>Forget the knee jerk quick answer that is usually wrong.

dmj7 at bellsouth.net

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