Peter Smith pjsmith1 at gte.net
Sat Oct 30 07:40:55 EST 1999

Always better to start with the basics, then take the more advanced stuff.
General will give you a good foundation for any more advanced classes you
might be interested in taking.

Peter Smith
Cal Poly Pomona

Gerd  wrote in message <7vbhl0$efa$1 at news.uit.no>...
>Definitily General; - since you ask without exxplaining which critaria to
>judge by?
>Good luck.
>In article <cI6S3.1867$_u6.754080 at WReNphoon4>, sking at mail.ev1.net (sking)
>>Hoping to take a microbiology course next semester. Should I take General
>>Microbiology or Microbiology and Pathology?
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