Manganese chelates

lamb L.A.M.Buisman at cable.A2000.nl
Fri Oct 29 12:50:39 EST 1999

Megan wrote:

> Is manganese a divalent cation as is calcuim and magnesium?  if so, try a
> little EDTA (0.5mM to 5 mM) and see if that doesnt work.  If I am confused,
> and it is not a divalent cation, the please ignore this post !
> cheers,
> Megan
> PS.  when making up EDTA as a stock, you will have to pH it to get it to go
> into solution.  EDTA is made up as a 0.5 M solution, but it will not go into
> solution without pHing to about 7.5 or 8 or so.  It will not (to my
> knowledge) go into solution at higher concentrations.

Use Na-EDTA. Much easier.


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