bacteriophages in E.coli

michelle kerr kerrmichel at HOTMAIL.COM
Thu Oct 28 23:54:24 EST 1999

I am a college student studying microbiology. My peers and I just recently 
performed an experiment where we tested hamburger meat for bacteriophages 
using different strains of E.coli. The procedure we used was the hydrogen 
peroxide treatment with crystal violet agar plates for selective recovery of 
bacteriophages. For our lab report we would like to compare our results and 
procedures to ones that might have been possibly done in the past.  We have 
tried the internet, library, and the Journal of Applied and Environmental 
Microbiology. So far we have had next to no luck finding any articles that 
pertain to this test and food.  I was wondering if anyone might know of a 
source that we might not have tried or a experiment that was done that was 
similar to ours.
                      Thank you,
                            Michelle Kerr
                   Sophomore at the University of St. Francis

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