Streptococcus bovis

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> Is anyone experienced in nature, pathogenity, etiology of Strept.-bovis?
> Patient showed history of intestine infection with schistosoma mansoni
> some years ago and complains about ongoing unspecific problems, that
> could possibly be caused by cardiac affection in sense of mild and
> chronic endocarditis as well as neck-spondilitis (???) . Ongoing
> parasitic infection has been been excluded due to extensive serological
> tests. But certain values let think about chronic infection: high
> protein levels in serum and csf, high phagocytosis activity, high
> relations of NK-lymphocites, high lymphocite relations etc.
> Culture of wound swab from paining tonsil region now showes high
> concentrations of streptococcus bovis (var)- (Group D, nonenterococci)
> C; tonsil had been extirpeted as well as package of lymphnodes from same
> region.
> Is finding of Strept.-b. as mentioned above sign of normal habitat or
> is it more likely a sign of infection that could guide to cardiac or
> neurologic affections?
> Who can give additional advise?
> Thanks
> DieterHeinrichM

There is an association between strep bovis bacteraemia/endocarditis and
bowel cancer. As for significance of the recovery of this organism from the
throat  - it is not a recognised pathogen in this kind of specimen- in fact
we only test for group A,C,G streptococci in throat swabs in our laboratory.

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