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MisterScience at altavista.net MisterScience at altavista.net
Tue Oct 26 21:46:23 EST 1999

A vote is going on at Amazon.com for the best book of the millennium.
It would be nice if a science book was selected. If we pool our efforts
and vote in unison then maybe we can succeed. I've searched through
the top-selling science books and I suggest that we vote for "The Bible
According to Einstein: A Scientific Complement to the Holy Bible for
the Third Millennium." Being a comprehensive summary of all scientific
knowledge of the last two thousand years, it seems an appropriate

To vote go to http://www.amazon.com/ and click on "Enter to win."

For the title entry, "The Bible According to Einstein" should suffice.
There is no author listed for the book so leave that space blank.
By the way, by voting you become eligible
for Amazon.com's millennium giveaway contest.

Tell your science friends to vote too.

Long live science!
Mister Science


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