long-term mycobacteria storage

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Tue Oct 26 18:10:55 EST 1999

I think the media we use contains 50% glycerol.  This seems a very high
percentage but it removes the need for thawing out before culturing.  We
have tried it with various bacteria and it seems to work fairly well.

"A. Seoane" <seoaneb at yahoo.com> wrote in message
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> At our laboratory, long-term storage of mycobacterial
> strains (mainly M.tuberculosis) is acheived through
> refrigerating of freshly-grown L-J slants and periodic
> (6 month) re-culturing on fresh medium.
> As you can notice this is a time/money-costly scheme.
> We are now considering frozen storage of our strains.
> Does anybody know any good commercial freezing media?
> Has anybody got experience in mycobacteria freezing
> (media, temperature, viability of frozen strains...).
> Any information will be greatly apreciated.
> Please e-mail me at seoaneb at yahoo.com
> Thanks.
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