HIV and Visna

Graham Shepherd muhero at globalnet.co.uk
Sat Oct 23 13:10:17 EST 1999

Conspiracy theories exist to comfort those who can't accept that the world
is a dangerous place and when bad things happen it isn't necessarily because
somebody did something.


Tom Keske wrote in message ...
>> Do a search for "Tom Keske" at www.deja.com and you'll quickly have your
>You will quickly have an answer that Tom Keske is an extremely bitter gay
>activist who despises his government.  No apologies for that.
>The quick answer will not give you any insight into why Tom Keske is
>an extremely bitter gay activist who despises his government.  For that,
>you need a clue about history, about political reality- things of which
>complacent professionals, like white, heterosexual, upper-middle class
>microbiologists know next to nothing.  You live in a world of filtered
>news and managed perceptions.
>You need to see the world through the eyes of a Tuskegee experiment
>victim, or a gay male hepatitis B vaccine trial victim, before your
>condescending opinions mean much of anything, at all.
>Our country was experimenting extensively with retroviruses, hybrid
>viruses, cross-species infection, and immune suppression, just before
>a major epidemic broke out, with a new retrovirus that jumped species
>and suppressed the immune system.  Cause for suspicion?  Listen to
>the chorus of boos and hisses from complacent, white heterosexual
>professionals, most of whom depend for their livelihood, directly or
>indirectly, on the good graces of federal government and federal money.
>We are David.  The Dr. Gallo Goliath and the Government Goliath will
>be going down, my friend.
>Tom Keske

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