HIV and Visna

Tom Keske tkeske at mediaone.net
Fri Oct 22 19:01:53 EST 1999

> Do a search for "Tom Keske" at www.deja.com and you'll quickly have your

You will quickly have an answer that Tom Keske is an extremely bitter gay
activist who despises his government.  No apologies for that.

The quick answer will not give you any insight into why Tom Keske is
an extremely bitter gay activist who despises his government.  For that,
you need a clue about history, about political reality- things of which
complacent professionals, like white, heterosexual, upper-middle class
microbiologists know next to nothing.  You live in a world of filtered
news and managed perceptions.

You need to see the world through the eyes of a Tuskegee experiment
victim, or a gay male hepatitis B vaccine trial victim, before your
condescending opinions mean much of anything, at all.

Our country was experimenting extensively with retroviruses, hybrid
viruses, cross-species infection, and immune suppression, just before
a major epidemic broke out, with a new retrovirus that jumped species
and suppressed the immune system.  Cause for suspicion?  Listen to
the chorus of boos and hisses from complacent, white heterosexual
professionals, most of whom depend for their livelihood, directly or
indirectly, on the good graces of federal government and federal money.

We are David.  The Dr. Gallo Goliath and the Government Goliath will
be going down, my friend.

Tom Keske

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