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tntpang <tntpang at singnet.com.sg> wrote in message
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> What should I start with ? Are there any good websites to refer to?
>  Would anyone here be kind enough to be my mentor?
> Terence
> Singapore


I am self-educating, as you have been, and one book I think is really good
is Alberts, Bray, Johnson, Lewis, etc... "Essential Cell Biology, An
Introcduction to the Molecular Biology of the Cell," Garland Publishing, New
York, 1998.

Like you I hope for some good replies to your question: I've gone through a
bunch of poor books before I found this.

I have a Favourites file of probably a couple of hundred sites I've found
good, and I sort through it from time to time for ideas on where to go
looking. I'd be happy to mail it to you so you can import it into Internet
Explorer or Netscape -- but quite frankly I think your best idea is to make
up your own list starting from a search engine like Google or Alta Vista.

If you simply enter something simple like "Biology Dartmouth," "Biology MIT"
or Harvard or Berkeley you will get a good jumping off point very quickly.
dartmouth has a number of excellent pages of this kind, for math, economics,
and perhaps other subjects, I dunno, as well as their very good biology jump

                             Good luck!


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