Streptococcus bovis

DieterHeinrichM DieterHeinrichM at t-online.de
Fri Oct 15 15:46:17 EST 1999

Thanks to those who replied to questions of last days!

As I got only few replies I may request again in short:

1. Finding of "Streptococcus bovis (var.)-(Group D, nonenterococci)" in
wound swabs from a chronically paining spot of throat/tonsil area
(onliest species in culture, huge scale, not ocassionally but in every
of 5 cultures from several weeks): is such finding to be regarded as
normal flora of throat or should it more likely be regarded as pathogen

2. The patient had an history of schistosomiasis (mansoni) some years
ago, at time when chronical disease, he is still suffering from, had its
onset (influenca-/bacteremia-like in the beginning and since that time
chronic, unspecific disease : weakness, paleness, red eyes, loss of
memory and concentration, arythmias from time to time, artritis,
allergical symptoms of nose and throat, etc.) Schistosomiasis has been
cured, and others may be crossreacting parasites has definately been
excluded by an extensive panel of serological tests, done in 1999 too. -
Due to the Strept.-bovis finding just recently and the well known
correlation of Streptococcus-bovis infection to cancer of colon and
strongiloides, the questions arose:
a.   if same aetiological correlation of strept.-bov. has been described
to Schistosoma-mansoni infection. 
b.   if strept.-bovis infection could have taken chronic course over
several years.

Can someone give further advice to case studies, literature, own
experience, expertise in further diagnosis and treatment?

Thanks very much 

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