Antioxidants for disinfectants

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Fri Oct 15 02:20:53 EST 1999

I'm looking for a strong antioxidant with the following properties:
1. it must work at pH 3
2. it must be inert with phenols

The antioxidant should be add in the formulation of a
with phenols at pH 3. This disinfectant is normally used in 1% aqueous
solution for the disinfection of surgical instruments (instruments are
at least one night in the 1% solution). The tests we did leaving the
instruments into the 1% solution showed a browning of the instrument
surface. So we thought to resolve this problem using a strong
Moreover the 1% solution should be  colourless and not become turbide.
Could you please tell me which antioxidants could be used in my
formulation? Or how could I minimize the browning of instruments
Thank you for your help!

Francesco L'Erario

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