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Thu Oct 14 06:08:58 EST 1999

> I've got a problem with my medium for Neisseria gonorrhoeae, Proteose
> Peptone. After autoclaving, there's some (a lot!) precipitation. The
> clots have a rather waxy appearance, and do hardly dissolve even after
> heating in the microwave.
> Did anybody else ever encounter this problem? Could it be the starch?
> I felt a bit unhappy "feeding" this to the bacteria...
> Thanks a lot,
> Marion

Sounds odd.  I have never seen P.P. form precipitate, unless it is
highly concentrated (or QC reject).  It sounds like you have "flock" (a
flocking flask).  Is this the first time you used this lot?  How does
the powder look?  Is it very "powdery", or has moisture gotten to it?
You might concider throwing it away and getting some new stuff.
Difco/BBL peptones seem to always perform well.

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