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The "habitable zone" for terrestrial life is much broader than
previously thought. Examples of life at extreme conditions include:

Hottest: 113°C--Pyrococcus furiosus (Vulcano Island, Italy)

Coldest: -15°C--Crypotendolithotrophs (Antarctica)

Deepest: 2 miles (land)--bacteria found in rocks underground

Most acidic: <pH 0.0--unclassified organisms growing on gypsum in caves

Most basic: pH 11--Alkaliphilic bacteria

Highest radiation: 5 Mrads--Deinococcus radiodurans (ubiquitous)

Longest period in space: 6 years--Bacillus subtilis (Long Duration
Exposure Facility)

Farthest: Moon--Humans, Streptococcus mitus from Surveyor III camera
after 3 years unprotected on lunar surface

Longest dormancy: 20-40 million years--Bacillus revived from gut of
bee in 20-40-million-year-old Dominican amber

Deepest and Highest pressure: 1200 atm--cold seep community at bottom
of Marianas Trench

Saltiest: 30%--halophilic bacteria


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