Effect of disinfectants on bacterial growth

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> I am a sixth year pupil at Peebles High School in Scotland.  For my sixth
> studies Biology project I am investigating the effects of various
germicides on
> bacterial growth.  I am using E. coli. Staph. Albus and Micrococcus
Luteus.  I
> have chosen a phenolic containing disinfectant, hydrogen peroxide, bleach
> two surfactants - Dettox and a washing up liquid - as my germicide.  I
> like more information about how these work, particularly surfactants.
> does anionic, nonionic, cationic and amphoteric mean when applied to
> surfactants?  Are there any other types of surfactant?
> I am going to choose the most effective germicide and use different
> concentrations against the same bacteria to find the most effective.

See if your library has a book called "Disinfection and Sterilisation" by
Sykes. It's probably a bit old by now (unless they've updated it), but
describes the working of most of the types of disinfectants you mention.
Lesley Robertson

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