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gusyer huopuugae18 at STARGAZER.WENDLAND.DE
Sun Oct 3 07:29:36 EST 1999

 Have you ever gotten catalogs in the mail? Why would they do this?

 Because it works! A certain percentage of people buy from
 them. They do it because it works each and everytime they send.
 This is a great method BUT the cost can add up. When you mail 1000 or
 more, you have to consider postage, brochures, envelopes, and etc...

 Did you know that there is a method of that cost less, WITHOUT
 postage, envelopes and brochures but have the same effect?

 You can now compete with the big boys, with exposure in MASSIVE
 NUMBERS, without expensive investments such as those associated with
 television commercials, radio advertising or direct postal mail.

 THE SOLUTION - Direct E-mail Marketing

 We maintain a database of E-MAIL LEADS in MILLIONS covering the
 internet. We gather the leads from "hits" at certain targeted web
 sites, the internet and numerous reliable sources.  Do you want to
 reach 12+ million E-mail leads? Now you can for pennies compared to
 other expensive mediums !

 Targeted AND General leads available !

 Fax your details to  786 549 5787  INCLUDE your:  name  tel  email

 The internet at your fingertips.....
      The internet at your fingertips.....
           The internet at you

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