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In the previous post, I documented an insane American doctor who
went about covertly murdering scores of blacks in Africa, before
he was caught.  Could such atrocities ever be committed at an
institutional level of government, on even larger scales?

Has any institution of our government committed murder in
Africa?  Have they ever used biological weapons in Africa?
Have they ever conspired to cover up the use of such weapons,
and make them appear to be a "natural" occurrence?

Surely, these answers are relevant  to the further
question of whether biowar accidents or covert genocide
might have been involved in the creation of the AIDS

The answer to all of the above questions is a definitive

This is not "conspiracy theory".  This is historical fact.
If you were ignorant of these facts, than that ignorance
should invalidate any presumptions that you
might be prone to make about "conspiracy theories".

To impress upon you the legitimacy of the historical facts,
I would like to describe some of the primary sources of
information for this article:

[1] "The Agency: The Rise and Decline of the CIA",
by John Ranelagh:  This book, exceeding 800 pages,
was a New York Times Book Review "Notable Book
of the Year".

Said the Washington Post, "There has been nothing
as comprehensive as Ranleagh's detailed narration
of the CIA story.  The documentation is voluminous
... strengthened by a wealth of evidence".

Another source,  [2]"The Search for the Manchurian
Candidate", by John Marks.  Of this book Senator
Edward Kennedy said "John Marks has accomplished
what two U.S. Senate Committees could not."  The
author worked with some 16,000 pages of CIA
documents and interviews.

In these books, among many other things, you would
learn of a real-life Dr. Strangelove:  one Dr. Sidney Gottlieb,
who died in March of this year.  Even up to the time of his
death, he was the target of legal actions over his
infamous career.

Some figures who conceivably might know something
about the AIDS epidemic: Dr, Gottlieb, former CIA Director
William Colby, Dr. Wolf Smuzness- are now dead.
If our country ever takes a tardy interest in this important
question, it will have squandered some of its best

Dr. Gottlieb was in the CIA from the 1950s through the early 1970s,
and was the head of the CIA Chemical and Biological
Warfare program.  He oversaw the super-secret MK-ULTRA
program that sought to develop LSD as a mind-control weapon.

George Hunter White, a narcotics officer under Gottlieb,
is famous for this quote about the CIA  "I toiled wholeheartedly
because it was fun, fun, fun.  Where else could a red-blooded
American boy lie, kill, cheat, steal, rape, and pillage with the
sanction and blessing of the All-Highest?"

It was in 1953 that the CIA first set up a program under Gottlieb
for "covert use of biological and chemical materials." [2]

Ray Cline, a high ranking CIA official of the time, said
"It was fashionable among that group to fancy they were
rather impersonal about dangers, risks, and human life."

Dr. Gottlieb, a brilliant biochemist,  presided over "dragnet
searches through jungles, in search of exotic toxins" [1].

Is the proactive searching for deadly poisons and
viruses in the jungles not to be considered at least as
plausible as theories about human "encroachment"
on rain forests as a possible explanation for new,
emerging diseases?

Gottlieb's researchers attempted to find means of disguising
murder committed though biological and chemical means.

In 1964, Gottlieb approved a $150,000 payment per year
to a Baltimore lab for development of large-scale,
covert biological weapons.  Scientists prepared a
memorandum that detailed which diseases were common
in different areas of the world, so they could go undetected.

They sought chemicals to mimic death by carbon monoxide,
to fake a common means of suicide.

Another creation was a pocket spray for asthma sufferers
that could induce pneumonia.

They also planned to use viruses and bacteria as biological
agents of murder, that would be indigenous to the areas in Africa
where they intended to use them, and thereby make them
appear "natural" [2].

Other infectious agents in their arsenal included Venezulan
equine encophalomyelitis virus, brucellosis, Staph,
and anthrax [2].

Specifically, they wished to assassinate Patrice Lumumba,
President of the Congo, in 1960.  Dr. Gottlieb himself went
to Leopoldville to deliver the bioweapon.

By rich irony, this is the same city, and nearly the same
period of time, in which the earliest AIDS case was
supposedly reported.

Lumumba was assassinated, with a last-minute switch
of methods, due to other complications.

Various other national leaders were targeted for
similar assassination [1].  John Rosselli, a gangster
in Las Vegas, who had started with Longy
Zwillman's gang in New Jersey, was provided with
botulinum toxin by Gottlieb in 1961, in an attempt to
assassinate Fidel Castro.

In mad pursuit of "mind control", Gottlieb contracted
Dr. Donald Ewen Cameron of Montreal.  Persons used
as guinea pigs included mentally ill people and young
American draft evaders who had fled to Canada.

The experiments were Nazis-level of torture.  The object
was to destroy a person's mind, completely, so that
it could be "rebuilt".   This included lobotomies and
electroshock, severe enough to cause some victims
to become unable to remember their own families.

Subjects would deprived of sleep, degraded and
insulted, refused toilets or sanitation, threatened with
death of themselves and their families.  The frequent
screams of patients (usually women) that echoed down
the hall did not disturb the eminent psychiatrist, who
was revered by his colleagues, and who was the
President of the World Psychiatric Association.

Dr. Mary Morrow, who had assisted Cameron,
would later testify, "It was the most terrifying thing
I've ever seen in my life, before or since."

Under Gottlieb was germ-warfare scientist, Frank Olson,
who was himself given LSD as a guinea pig, leading
to his suicide, and long-drawn lawsuits.

Supplying LSD in tonnage quantity (yes, "tonnage")
 for Gottlieb's  experiments was Eli Lily, in which the
Quayle family and various other right-wingers have a
large investment.

Among the other practical uses of this LSD was to
slip it to left-leaning  college professors, artists,
and speakers at political rallies, to make them look
like fools, and to discredit their liberal politics.

In  1973, just before resigning, Gottlieb attempted to
destroy his files.   He missed 150 boxes buried in the CIA
archives, which provided material for investigators and
writers- otherwise, these facts might never have been
known to the public.

This may seem like a "long" essay.  It is the merest
taste.  What you need is to read thousands of pages,
to comprehend the world of treachery, deception,
and depravity in which you live.

This is accepted history.  Gay and black America need
their noses rubbed in it, like smelling salts, until the
pungent odor makes them wake up.

Tom Keske
Boston, Mass.

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