thank you mr.Chickmarne(agarless Nutrient media)

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> >Is it possible to prepare Nutrient media with inorganic gelling agents
> and if
> >so please give me some examples.
> I don't think there are "inorganic" agar substitutes; silica gel will
> work, but will probably cost as much as agar.  Using a nichrome loop
> will be difficult, and looking for transparent uncolored colonies will
> be almost impossible.
> Organic substitutes are known.  One is calcium alginate.  Another is
> gelatin, which is to be used at 15%.  However, if you are dealing with
> protease-producing organisms, gelatin cannot be used.
> Cost-wise, "food grade" agar and alginate are quite cheap and readily
> available - look for a food additive supplier.  Hope this helps.

 thank you this does help a lot you see i wanted a cheap substitute for 
agar-agar just for curiosity sake i am a junior in the F.Y.B.Sc microbiology 
at m.e.s Abasaheb garware college pune and i just noticed the amount of agar 
getting wasted so i thought maybe i will find a cheap substitute and suggest
it  my sir thanks a lot Ashiwn

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