agarless Nutrient media

Hemant Chikarmane hchikarmane at mediaone.net
Mon Mar 29 15:13:40 EST 1999

>From:  ashwin_k18 at my-dejanews.com

>Is it possible to prepare Nutrient media with inorganic gelling agents
and if
>so please give me some examples.

I don't think there are "inorganic" agar substitutes; silica gel will
work, but will probably cost as much as agar.  Using a nichrome loop
will be difficult, and looking for transparent uncolored colonies will
be almost impossible.

Organic substitutes are known.  One is calcium alginate.  Another is
gelatin, which is to be used at 15%.  However, if you are dealing with
protease-producing organisms, gelatin cannot be used.

Cost-wise, "food grade" agar and alginate are quite cheap and readily
available - look for a food additive supplier.  Hope this helps.

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Marine Biological Laboratory
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