What germs are eaten by macrophages?

Cameron Weighill cweighil at nanaimo.ark.com
Sun Mar 28 19:53:54 EST 1999

Russell Farris wrote in message ...
>        Chlamydia pneumoniae attacks macrophages and interferes with there
>ability to function. What kinds of things do macrophages typically consume.
>What kinds of germs might flourish if most of your macrophages were
>incapacitated? Thanks for your attention.
>russell Farris
Macrophages are a essential part of the immune system, though they are not
specific any one type of pathogen.  Macrophages ingest anything that it
marked as foreign (ie. has antibodys attached to it).  The problem is that
some pathogens, such as Chlamydia, are able resist or avoid the digestive
enzymes within the macrophage and thus hide from the immune system within
the macrophage.

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