stressed campylobacter recovery

Jim Copeland jamcop at bright.net
Sat Mar 27 09:10:26 EST 1999

A number of researchers have reported that Oxyrase aids in the recovery of
stressed microbes.

You can find some of their references on our website: www.oxyrase.com

In addition, Oxyrase has been used to grow Campylobacter in broth without
gassing. You can request those references through our website, if you want

I hope that this information is helpful.

Jim Copeland
Oxyrase, Inc.

rockey at isd.net wrote:

> The group I work with has trouble reliably recovering type strains of
> purposely stressed (dried) campylobacters.  I am new to this work and it
> isn't apparent to me from literature what the best conditions for
> recovery of organisms would be.  For example, some literature states
> that 42 C is optimal growth temperature, but type strains per ATCC
> specify 37 C.  Likewise there is documentation of loss of viability with
> increasing age of cultures? but this occurs slower at lower temps.  Is
> trouble in recovery of these organisms common?
> Does anyone have any insights into ideal conditions for their recovery?
> Thanks much for help

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