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Dear Morderator,
I liked the idea of morderated discussion forum free from spams. I have started having problems with your mails, i.e., if the number of posings on a particular day are large the mail I recieve becomes truncated with not all postings coming through. I have enclosed a sample mail for your reference. Please let me know what to do overcome this problem.

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The DNATools sequencing software package version 5.1.375 is available
for downloading at:


New in this revision:

 + Searching with protein strings on nucleotide sequences refined
 + File list based on Text Header content improved
 + Auto-build Text Headers after mail blast search improved
 + SAGE functions improved and thoroughly tested
 + Reporting facilities after SAGE tag file comparisons improved
 + Back-translation based on codon usage data now correct
 + Contig builder/editor improved (simple merge function)
 + Close redundant files improved (mostly for EST projects)
 + PSG (project subgroup) file handling improved

DNATools is continuously being improved (as you may have noticed as
a reader of this news group). This does not imply that upgrading is
necessary each time a new revision is released. Im most cases the
new revision only corrects minor bugs that you may not have noticed.

My ambition, however, is to make bug fixes and improvements available
to the users without delay.

You can read more about the program at:


In case your Demo-licence has expired and you wish to try the
upgraded version of DNATools, you can extend your demo-licence
free of charge at:




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