Identifying Campylobacter

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In article <921776389.820298 at polka>, anouk at enschede.com says...
>Hi to all,
>I'm a Dutch student (Medical Microbiology). For an assignment I need to 
>the names and principles of tests to identify Campylobacter species. So 
>I have been identifying Campylobacter with:
>Meritec-Campy (by Meridian Diagnostic), which is a rapid latex 
>Some biochemical tests, such as oxidase, catalase ,indoxyl acetate
>hydrolisis and hippurate hydrolysis .
>I hope someone can help me with this problem..

Campys are a bit tricky, or rather some of the tests that are critical
are "flaky.' 

Agglutination assays for the most part don't differentiate among the
species and in my experience are sometimes difficult to interpret.
I am very displeased with hippurate tests.
API Strips (sorry if this offends them) have not worked well in my lab.

Temperature, appropriate microaerobic environment and other factors
make identifying Campy, to species level, a bit of a challenge.

On the other hand, they are fascinating bugs, in some ways easy to
work with and 'cute.'

Our lab. has some work going on with Campy, Arcobacter, and Helico.
These are certainly a bit more fun to play with than the run of the
mill beastys.

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