Mycosphaerella anethi

Thorsten Kraska kraska at uni-bonn.de
Fri Mar 26 09:01:43 EST 1999

posted by Thorsten Kraska on behalf of Dr. Jutta Gabler
<j.gabler at basz.de>

To all:
I am seeking information on the pathogen Mycosphaerella anethi.  It is a
pathogen of fennel and dill and causes anthracnose.
There are more than 10 synonyms of the fungi appearing and the most
common used ones are Fusicladium foeniculi, and Passerola puncta.

We are trying to cultivate this fungus for resistance testing on fennel.
Until now we were unable to cultivate this fungus on an artifcial
medium. Therefor we would be very thankful for any information on the
cultivation of this special fungus.

If anybody has a culture of this fungus we were also thankful for a

Is there any paper on this pathogen available?

Thank you very much for your help.
Please send any comments to my e-mail address

Jutta Gabler
Bundesanstalt f. Zuechtungsforschung an Kulturpflanzen
Inst. f. Resistenzforschung u. Pathogendiagnostik
Theodor-Roemer-Weg 4
D-06449 Aschersleben

phone 0049 3473 879198
fax 0049 3473 879200
email j.gabler at basz.de

Thorsten Kraska
kraska at uni-bonn.de
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