Antibiotic resistant E. coli question

Lesley Robertson l.a.robertson at stm.tudelft.nl
Wed Mar 24 04:59:40 EST 1999

Tony Herlt wrote in message ...
>How pathogenic (or nonpathogenic) are antibiotic resistant E. coli
>bacteria.  Our institute is contemplating setting up a bioreactor, and I
>would like some background information.  My apologies if this is not the
>appropriate newsgroup for this question.  Could you also reply to my
>e-mail address below.

In Europe and other countries, this is a level 2 organism (except for K12)
and requires legally-specified levels of containment (especially for the
volumes of culture involved in fermentations). If you're going for
antibiotic-resis. ones, this may actually raise the level, so I strongly
advise you to check on BioSafety legislation in your area. I don't have
specific URLs for Oz, but you might find a useful link on
Microbial classifications are given, per bug, on the web pages of the German
Culture collection on http://www.gbf.de/dsmz/   level 1 is GRAS,  level 2 is
"nasty", level 3 is "very nasty", and level 4 is "abandon all hope". Level 1
can be used in a normal microbiology lab, level 4 requires full containment
and "space suits".
As my Institute's BioSafety Officer, if I was not sure, I'd call the
Ministry of Health and ask.
Lesley Robertson
(whose newsreader is playing silly &*^%$^s and refusing to post to anywhere
except newsgroups).

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