Freeze-drying E.coli

Lesley Robertson l.a.robertson at stm.tudelft.nl
Tue Mar 23 06:40:04 EST 1999

"Steve Richmond" wrote in message
<000a01be7254$b8da82e0$f939a6c3 at richmond>...
>    I would like to store E.coli long term at room temperature. The only
>I know of doing it is by freeze-drying. Does anyone have any protocols for
>freeze-drying E.coli?

If all else fails, you could go back to older methods. A couple of years
back, our Collection Curator successfully grew several bioluminescent gram
negs that had been preserved by M.W.Beijerinck by mixing with milk, and then
drying on sterile sand. I've not tried it, but if you go back far enough in
the literature (e.g. a 1st or 2nd edition Bergey), there should be a
description of the method.
Lesley Robertson

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