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Fri Mar 19 22:22:57 EST 1999


You may want to check the article
"NIH Weighs Bold Plan for Online Preprint Publishing"
in the March 12th issue of Science.


blades at novagate.com wrote in message <7cr3i9$p3s$0 at>...
>Russ, I understand your concern, and agree with what you proposed.  It
>personally hasn't bothered me in my research, but I can imagine how it
> I haven't used the MESH terms at all, instead relying on specific nouns
>relating to my disease in searching MedLine.
>My overriding concern is the fact that PubMed will not allow downloading of
>journal articles unless one is a "health professional" and has a signed
>contract with a "local health science library" defining costs, methods of
>payment, and method of delivery.
>This policy denies inexpensive access to medical information often funded
>public tax monies through NIH or through publicly funded universities.
>is outrageous.  Physicians and journals have a self interest in keeping
>information from the public, and they succeed only too well.

>edited for brevity....


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