PubMed changes suggested

Bob bbruner at uclink4.berkeley.edu
Thu Mar 18 21:37:18 EST 1999

On 18 Mar 1999 14:45:29 GMT, blades at novagate.com wrote:


>My overriding concern is the fact that PubMed will not allow downloading of 
>journal articles unless one is a "health professional" and has a signed 
>contract with a "local health science library" defining costs, methods of 
>payment, and method of delivery.

I sympathize with the concern, but this is not a Medline problem. It
has to do with copyright, which is owned by the publisher.

There is much discussion of this, within the scientific community
probably even more so than in the 'general public.' Journals/articles
are too expensive for many scientists. The role of electronic
publishing and how it interacts with traditional notions of copyright
are emerging issues.

But it is not Medline or medscape's fault. 

Legal change might be an answer, tho i sort of doubt that many
congressfolk consider it a big issue. But try your congressman, if
you'd like.


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