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Sounds to me as if you have a mixed culture on the first plate.  Try streaking
for purity and a gram stain of the first plate to make sure you have a pure
By delta hemolysis, I believe you mean no hemolysis at all?

yvesch wrote:

> Hi
>       When I make the test for Coagulase, do I make the test with plasma of
> cow?
> Do this plasma give same result as plasma of rabbit???
> When I make a test in a petri dish In my first petri I have bêta Hemolysis
> and catalase negative and when I remake my first culture in second petri
> dish the test is not same!!! In second petri dish I have Delta hemolisis
> and the test for catalase is positive!!!
> Why????
> Yves
> Montréal, Québec, Canada
> P.S excuse my english because I am French

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