Transport of yeast cultures

Bryan Heit bjheit at ucalgary.ca
Wed Mar 17 00:18:18 EST 1999

I have a question about sending yeast via commertial mail.  I've read in
a few places that yeast cultures can be sent by mail by putting a drop
of culture on a piece of filter paper (about 1x1cm), allowing it to dry,
and then wrapping the paper in sterile foil.  When the culture is
recieved the filter paper is placed on a nutrient rich agar plate, and
allowed to sit overnight.  The next day streak for single colonies and
your done.  Anyways here's my questions:

1)  Has anyone else heard of this method, and will it really work?

2)  How long will the yeast remain viable?

3)  If the culture was sent by air-mail would the changes in air
pressure and temperature affect the culture (assuming the cargo
compartement is not pressurized)?

4)  Is this legal?

Thanks for your help


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