Sensitivity to vancomycin/Lactobacilli

Ralf Ralf.Hartemink at micro.fdsci.wau.nl
Wed Mar 17 07:37:54 EST 1999

I don't know the exact sensitivity, but the LAMVAB medium uses 20 mg/l
(J. Micr. Meth. 29(97)77-84) for the isolation of faecal lactobacilli.
Leuconostocs and Pediococci are no problem there. Most lactobacilli
grow on this agar, including all faecal strains. Not all dairy strains
grow (helveticus is sensitive).
Some acidophilus strains grow very poorly on the 20 mg/l, but they do
grow at 10 mg/l. 
Another paper Antimicr. Ag. Chemotherapy 34(1990)543-549 describes MIC
values for lactobacilli, leuconostocs and pediococci, but not on
species level, just genus level. 
In the LAMVAB paper more articles on resistance are cited.

Ralf Hartemink
Food Microbiology Group
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On Wed, 17 Mar 1999 12:28:35 +0100, "bompuz" <bompuz at hotmail.com>

>According to an article in Applied & Environmental Microbiology 59(2):
>607-609 (1993); "Development and Use of a Selective Medium for Isolates of
>Leuconostoc spp. from Vegetables and Dairy Products" lactobacilli is
>resistant to vancomycin.
>What is lactobacilli's sensitivity to vancomycin ?
>I have used MRS agar with 100 microgram vancomycin/ml to for differential
>count of leuconostoc and pediococci. The pH of the agar was 6,2+/-0,2. Is it
>possible that heterofermentative lactobacilli can grow on this agar type ?
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