HI..looking for acetobacterium strains..

jayakumar jakku at mrna.tn.nic.in
Wed Mar 17 13:26:33 EST 1999

    Can any good samaritan on the web send me the following strains.
    1. ATCC49037, ATCC49038 and ATCC49039.  These are all Acetobacter
diazotrophicus strains (now called as Gluconacetobacter diazotrophicus).
ATCC supplies them at approximately 140 dollars each which is way beyond my
financial abilities.
    2. Rhizobium etli strain CFN42...
    3. A copy of the paper by Hirsh et al., J. General Microbiolgy, 1980.
V120, pp403-412.

    I will be very grateful to the person who helps me in this regard.  All
help will be duly acknowledged in any future publication.

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