transposon mutagenesis in Bacillus spp.

Paul Taylor taylorpm at ARIEL.UCS.UNIMELB.EDU.AU
Tue Mar 16 02:28:16 EST 1999


It has come to the crunch and I need to start doing some transposon
mutagenesis in some environmental Bacillus spp isolates. I have done all
the lit searches and have a couple of likely candidates - Tn916 or Tn917
and its derivatives, especially Tn917ac1. Does anybody have any experience
working with these transposons in Bacillus spp? Or are there ather more
useful (ie more likely to give me some reulsts quickly) transposons that I
havent come across yet?

I need to knock out a particular, as yet uncharacterised pathway in these
isolates. Absolutely any help will be greatly appreciated, cos I am little
lost here!

Thanks for your help



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