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Sun Mar 14 08:30:29 EST 1999

I tried to post this on Thursday, but it didn't show on
the newsgroup, so I'm trying again. If you saw this before,
my apologies:

I have a correction to make to this newsgroup. I was
not the person who recommended The Bible According
to Einstein. It was Steven Allen. I merely noted that
Amazon.com was offering a nice discount at
                                               -Harry King

On March 7, jrmwilliams incorrectly wrote
> I bought the book "The Bible According to Einstein" that
> Harry King recommended a few weeks ago on this newsgroup. I've
> only read a few chapters but it is very interesting.
> . . .
In February, it was Steve Allen who wrote
>>I wanted to share this with the participants of this newsgroup:
>>I discovered a great book on Amazon.com's
>>list of best-selling cosmology list
>>(http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ts/browse-books/14552/). It's called
>>the Bible According to Einstein. It narrates
>>a wonderful history of the universe.
>>I actually bought my copy from BarnesandNoble online
>>because they offer more than $10 off the price.
>>If you're interested in a nice book about the cosmos,
>>I recommend it.

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