Proteus vulgaris

Mick mali at aljan.com.au
Sat Mar 13 06:29:20 EST 1999

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Proteus vulgaris belongs to the family Enterobacteriaceae, tribe Proteeae,
and genus Proteus.
It is a Gram negative bacillus, oxidase negative, doesn't ferment lactose ,
motile positive, urease positive, produces H2S, VP positive, and indole

Proteus vulgaris, like a few other bacteria, is a known producer of
inducible chromosomal b-lactamases (ICBL). They are reported in vivo as
resistant to all the b-lactams regardless of how they test in vitro except
for those antibiotics that can be tested using a calibrated method. These
include augmentin (AMC), cefotetan (CTT), cefoxitin (FOX), imipenem (IPM),
meropenem (MEM), timentin (TIM), and tazocin (TZP).

RODRIBS wrote in message <19990308233129.29319.00000284 at ng29.aol.com>...
>Please send me information regarding this bacterial species.  I am
attending UF
>and am enrolled in the microbiology course there.  I believe that this is
>of my unkowns but I need more information for my laboratory report.
>Thank You

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