Test for catalase

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Fri Mar 12 22:23:13 EST 1999

yvesch wrote in message <01be67e4$f2e5bf60$4dae9a8e at xbwesrtn>...
>    When I make a test for Catalase what percentage of Hydrogen Peroxide
>1%, 2%.... I don't know.
>Tanks a lot
>Yves Champagne  tech lab microbiology
>Montréal, Québec Canada

Start with commercial 30%, measure the actual amount spectrophotometrically,
and dilute to working dilutions (use the suggestions of the group, depending
on the organism).  Hydrogen peroxide is unstable and tends to degrade rather
rapidly, so keep it in the fridge and use care when handling as noted by
Mick.  The spectrophotometric measurement is critical if you are doing
quantitative tests.  If you are just flooding a plate with hydrogen peroxide
and looking for bubbles, use 3-10% so you get a good fast reaction.

jamisoncsnospam at atallaccessam.com

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