Determination of live yeast

Jaime Finguerut JAIME.CTTI-3.CTTI.CTC at azul.ctc.com.br
Thu Mar 11 05:40:37 EST 1999

Hello Ken:

Try the ABER Instruments analysers. They have several types of 
analysers (for lab and industrial processes): 
Aber Instruments LTD 
Science Park Aberystwyth, Dyfed SY23 3AH UK
phone: +44 1970 615284 fax +44 1970 615455
jaa at aber.ac.uk
In the USA:
A.Gusmer Co.
phone: 908-272-9400
fax 908-272-8735
mail at gusmer.com

We have one Yeast Monitor here at our lab and it is functioning since 
1995 with no problems. We tried also the Lab Yeast Analyser 800 with 
the same good results.

Good luck

> To:            nobody at net.bio.net
> From:          Ken Hazen <krhazen at aloha.net>
> Subject:       Determination of live yeast
> Date:          Sat, 06 Mar 1999 07:59:50 -1000

> Hello,
> I would like to determine how much of a yeast culture is active or
> alive. I am going to conduct a trial to determine the benefits of
> feeding active yeast on animal performance. Not only do I want to learn
> if their is a benefit to feeding yeast to animals, but does it have to
> be active to show the response.  Is there a simple test to determine
> amount of active (live) yeast in a feed grade yeast product?
> Thank you in advance for any help you can give me.
> Ken Hazen

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