Richard Mateles rmateles at candida.com
Tue Mar 9 11:48:21 EST 1999

Production of penicillin is not a trivial exercise.  If you do not have
access to a microbiology lab, so that you can sterilize media, you don't
have a hope in hell!  If you do, I suggest you look in the library for the
information you require since the production, purification, and analysis of
penicillin is quite complex.

Rich Mateles

Philipp Christ wrote in message <36e2b02e.8694901 at news.btx.dtag.de>...
>How can I grow a penicillium mold to produce penicillin, where can I
>get (or how to isolate) penicillium chrysogenum? Which liquid do I
>need for growing the fungus? How to isolate the penicillin later? Has
>anyone a good website for this or want to send me an answer?

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