Toxic waste water and nitrification

Reinald Roessler reinald.roessler at gmx.de
Mon Mar 8 13:22:56 EST 1999

Does anyone have an example where toxic waste water
with substances like allylthiourea or N-serve etc.
killed the nitrifiers of a waste water treatment plant
I am working in the research and development
department of a company which produces online-
analysers. I developed an analyser which measures the
toxicity of a water sample, using nitrifiers as test
organisms. I know that there are lots of substances
which inhibit the nitrification, but I would like to
know whether this is only a theoretical problem or a
real problem for the WWTPs.
Does anybody know how much percent of the WWTPs have a
problem with the nitrification? And how many of these
have the problem because of toxic influents? Thanks.
Dipl.-Ing. Reinald Roessler-Fromme,
<reinald.roessler at gmx.de>,
Berlin, Germany

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